Monthly Archives: October 2016

Tables are missing in Crystal Database Expert

When you select Database Expert for either selecting new tables or for connecting your Crystal report to the correct ODBC, you expand the database and cannot see any tables. 1. Right-click the database in Database Expert 2. Choose options 3. Uncheck all boxes except Tables 4. Close the menu 5. Again, right-click the database 6. […]

Hiding Fields in Web Apps on Microsoft Dynamics SL

Within Web App’s Time Entry screen for SL version 2015 CU1 there are multiple fields that can be hidden using the Project Flex Time tab under Time and Expense Setup. While most of the fields can be hidden, there a few that seemingly cannot that employers would not like their employees not to be visible. […]

Project Revenue Recognition in period 01 results in large amounts being posted

Revenue is recognized incorrectly for all previous years because Project Controller was not properly closed prior to running for period 01. Closing Project Controller Module advances balance forward for projects. 1. Open Project Controller Setup screen. Change Current period back to 12-xxxxx (xxxxx represents last fiscal year) 2. Run Close Period for Project Controller to […]