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Why is the cost of my asset incorrect in the Assets (FA.010.00) screen after doing an cost adjustment in the Asset Transactions (FA.020.00) screen?

Occasionally in the Fixed Assets module you see a scenario in which you perform a purchase increase transaction from the Asset Transaction (FA.020.00) screen but find that the cost of the asset is not correct in the Assets (FA.010.00) screen. If this is the case, you may have entered a purchase transaction manually for each […]

Web Apps Hotfix/Installation Information

Often consultants use the out of the box Web Apps 2015 CU1 when deploying Web Apps. For best practice, the person deploying Web Apps should go out to PartnerSource or CustomerSource and download the latest deployment. Web Apps Hotfixes are all encompassing and whole install unto themselves so you can deploy these without having Web […]

Failed to Retrieve Data from Database (Vendor Code: 229) when printing a report in Dynamics SL

After installing a PCL Product, you may find that next time you print a report within Dynamics SL you receive the following error message. This issue generally indicates that the access rights for the built in SL reporting user are not correct. Resolution 1: 1. Run the SL Database Maintenance Sync Ownership and Security scenario against […]

Fixed Assets How To: Reconcile Depreciation After Importing

You have decided to switch from your previous Fixed Assets system and purchase Plumbline Consulting’s Fixed Assets module.  After doing your initial import of data, it is important to reconcile the accumulated depreciation amounts that have been imported for each asset to ensure that depreciation calculation for existing assets will continue as they did in […]

Privacy Policy

The Plumbline Consulting, LLC Privacy Policy set forth below governs information we collect from visitors to our websites as well as from our customers. What information is collected? The only personally identifiable information Plumbline Consulting collects from visitors to its website is contact information. We collect personal information provided to us through our websites and […]