Correcting GL Entries in Dynamics SL 2015

How to correct Data Entry Errors in Dynamics SL General Ledger!


Everyone makes mistakes, and accounting is no exception to this rule. There are several options available in the Dynamics SL General Ledger Module for correcting these mistakes. Following are some of these options:

Un-posted (But Released) Batches:

Fortunately, Dynamics SL gives you an option in Setup to be able to Edit Released, but un-posted Batches.  To do this:

  1. Make sure Edit only in Init Mode is not checked
    CJ Correcting JE_1
  2. Make sure you have rights
  3. Open up the batch in the GL screen and make your changes.

If a batch is posted you cannot Edit the batch, but need to reverse it. Dynamics SL gives you a Correct Journal Transaction button right on the screen.

CJ Correcting JE_2


From here you can Reverse, Reverse and Correct or Copy the batch.

CJ Correcting JE_3


An easy way to “re-key” the batch with little effort is to “copy” the batch.


There are several third party options for fixing batches after they have posted.

The first of these, Journal Entry Description Changer by Plumbline Consulting, allows you to change the non-financial information. Simply select the batch and you can edit Descriptions, dates and other non-financial data.

CJ Correcting JE_4
If you need to completely remove a batch you can use GL Eraser, a Plumbline Consulting Product  This product allows you to ERASE (as if it never happened) a batch.  An Audit Log is created for every batch erased with user and date information. Access to the process can also be controlled with standard Dynamics SL Rights.

CJ Correcting JE_5
If you accidentally posted to the wrong account you can use GL Mover, another Plumbline Consulting Product.  This product allows you to move an entry from one Account/Sub to another. It also gives you an option to update the Source Transactions. An Audit Log entry is also created with this for full Audit trail. This prevents the “messy” ins and outs that can be created when you have to move entries form one account to another.

CJ Correcting JE_6
Lastly if you posted to the wrong period Plumbline Consulting has Period Mover. This product allows you to move an entire batch from one period to another. It can also move the source transaction. This product also creates an audit log and updates Retained Earnings and Net Income as necessary. This time saving utility keeps your GL clean and makes it easier to correct mistakes.

CJ Correcting JE_7


All of these utilities and functions allow you to manage and correct your journal entries, making your day to day work simpler!