eBanking ‘Pay By’ Field Not Appearing in AP Voucher & Adjustment Entry Screen

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When eBanking is installed a ‘Pay By’ field displays in the AP Voucher & Adjustment Entry screen.  In some instances, where the Voucher & Adjustment Entry screen has other non-eBanking customizations on it, the existing screen customizations may interfere with those added by eBanking causing the field to not appear on the screen.

Note: Confirm recent SQL backups of the SL databases exist before proceeding.

  1. Run the following in SQL Server Management Studio against the SL system database:
    select * from CUSTOM2 where ScreenId = ‘0301000’ and sequence = ‘100’
    –The eBanking screen customization should be returned.
  2. Run the following against the SL system database to update the sequence level on the eBanking screen customization:
    update CUSTOME2 set sequence = ‘105’ where ScreenId = ‘0301000’ and sequence = ‘100’