Hiding Fields in Web Apps on Microsoft Dynamics SL

plumbline consulting

Within Web App’s Time Entry screen for SL version 2015 CU1 there are multiple fields that can be hidden using the Project Flex Time tab under Time and Expense Setup. While most of the fields can be hidden, there a few that seemingly cannot that employers would not like their employees not to be visible. To hide these fields an administrator can go into the Access Rights screen within Web Apps Administration menu, select All Companies, then the group or user they would like to hide these fields for. The administrator would pick the Fields tab across the top and select the Timecard Entry screen from the available listing. This will display a grid of fields within Timecard Entry. For the fields requested to be hidden the administrator needs to uncheck the Visible checkbox on the grid next to the field(s). The next time users log into this screen the field(s) will no longer be visible.