How to log on to SL as a different user when Windows Authenticated

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To test a different user’s view or ability within Dynamics SL screens on the same machine as another user, you do not have to entirely log off of Windows, you can simply launch SL as a different Windows user.  If printing, you may need to make sure the user has a profile on the machine with the printer set up.

1. The SL shortcut should be on the desktop. Hold the Shift+Ctrl keys then right click the SL shortcut to launch an extended menu. If the shortcut is pinned to the task bar, right click the shortcut, then find the Microsoft Dynamics icon in that menu and Hold the Shift+Ctrl keys to get the menu.

2. In the menu you should see Run as different user.

3. When prompted login with the problem users credentials.

4. SL should open allowing for testing as the other user.