Inventory Transfer Batch Suspends With Event Log – Transfer Document Not Found

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The 2nd step of a 2-step transfer batch suspends with the message “The Transfer Document for batch ‘XXXXXX’ and Company ID ‘YY’ was not found”.

Note that if you try to receive a transfer that is already saved in another unreleased batch, you will receive an error message: “Transfer Document ‘XXXXXX’ has already been used on unreleased receipt batch ‘YYYYYY’. Do you wish to proceed?” If you reply yes and then subsequently release the first receipt batch, it will suspend with this error

To resolve this you will need to identify whether the receipt was already completed in a prior receipts batch. This scenario can occur if someone creates a Receipt batch to receive in the 2nd part of the 2=step transfer, but saves and doesn’t release the batch and then someone enters a second receipt batch using the same Transfer Number and releases the 2nd batch while the first one remains unreleased.

To identify which other batch(es) may have used this Transfer Number referenced in the Event Log, first identify the Transfer Number from the first part of the 2-step transfer batch:

NOTE: The IN Transfer “Transfer Number” equates to the IN Receipt “Receipt Number”.

Next, use the Inventory Quick Query and filter on Receipt Number – enter the Transfer Number obtained in step 1. If desired, move the Released field so you can determine which of the batches using that Transfer Number was released.

Any unreleased batches should be reviewed and can be deleted in the IN Receipts screen as duplicate receipts.