Microsoft Dynamics SL Announcements

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1.  Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 CU2 Rich Client announcement

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 CU2 Rich Client is scheduled to release in December 2016.

This will include all rich client hotfixes that have been created since the Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 CU1 release.

The CU2 release will install over a customer’s current SL 2015 installation (SL 2015 or SL 2015 CU1).

2.  Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps Release Cycle Change announcement

The Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps Team has moved to an agile development model. What this means to customers is that rather than waiting to get new features or hot fixes, we will be moving to a monthly release cycle. This mimics the release cycle of newer product lines. Some of the early releases will include new Web Apps that expand the reach to the financial modules, including Vendor maintenance, Customer maintenance and Payroll Employee maintenance. Beyond these initial items, we will be introducing additional enhancements to Web Apps, based on customer feedback, to continue to enhance the end user experience.

So when are the next two Web Apps releases currently scheduled and what can we expect in them?

Week of November 28 – Hotfixes

Week of December 19 – Hotfixes and new features

3.  Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 CU2 Project Power BI Dashboard

Included in the Microsoft Dynamics SL CU2 release will be a Power BI Dashboard that will provide pertinent information on Projects.

This is a quick snapshot of one of the tabs included in the dashboard showing labor, expense and margin information.

microsoft dynamics sl powerbi

This will be an excellent way to introduce your customers and colleagues to the benefits and power of Power BI.

When you download the CU2 release, the Power BI file will be located in a directory named: PowerBIExample


4.  Dynamics Webcast: Microsoft Dynamics SL Year-End

Join Melanie Brindise and Jeff Suwyn on December 8, 2016 to learn about best practices in Microsoft Dynamics SL Year end processes.

This is a customer and partner facing webcast being hosted by Microsoft.


December 8, 2016 | 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time / 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time | 60 Minutes

Click here to register


5.  Year End Updates

As of November 16, 2016, there will not be any 2016 Year End Updates for Microsoft Dynamics SL published, as there were no changes made by the federal government to the 2016 tax year regulations that pertain to the year end forms or electronic files provided by Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Here are links to the actual announcements on CustomerSource and PartnerSource to share with customers and colleagues:

My notes: This is the first time that I can recall not having year-end changes to implement at customer sites.

If something changes, I will make sure to send out a notification.

6.  Dynamics SL 2015 Hot Fix Information – Knowledge Base article

     KB link:;en-US;3205556

Here is the text from the KB article:  It has come to our attention that hotfixes created for the Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 or the Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 CU1 rich client releases are not always deploying completely.

In some cases, the hot fix deployment tool is skipping the installation of newer files.  Based on this fact, we are requesting that after installing a hotfix, partners/customers review the Dynamics SL installation folders impacted by the hotfix to verify the necessary files were updated.

A listing of new files being installed and the associated dates are found in the file named Bug{bug#][module].rtf file (example: Bug36432PR.rtf) that is included in each hot fix bundle. If during this review it is found that files have not been updated, we request that you contact Microsoft support to get a copy of the proper files.

Please follow the standard procedures to open up a Microsoft support case to request the files. This type of support case will be transitioned into a no-charge support case.

Please note that this has not been an issue for Web Apps hotfix deployments.

The release of Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 CU2 will resolve this issue. This means that any new hotfixes created after the SL 2015 CU2 release and installed overtop of SL 2015 CU2 will not encounter this issue.