Integrity ACA Dynamics SL Edition

You need help untangling ACA compliance requirements. We make it easy for you. The Integrity Data ACA Compliance Solution – SL edition supports you with easy-to-use, intelligent and secure ACA Compliance and penalty risk management.

With quick onboarding, business intelligence at a glance, role-based security and streamlined year-end 1094-C and 1095-C form preparation and filing, the Integrity Data ACA Compliance Solution ensures you have everything you need to be compliant with the latest IRS requirements without requiring an internal expert. Built in the cloud, you’ll always have the latest version of the software even as regulations and requirements change.


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Product Description


Easy to use

Quick Onboarding

Our solution can be implemented very quickly, in less than a day, using our unique set-up wizard.

Business Intelligence At-A-Glance

A central dashboard, gives team members at-a-glance awareness of key performance indicators. Alerts notify you of conditions to review or address so you can take appropriate actions in a timely manner.

Role-Based Security

You can use predefined or user-defined roles to grant access to specific areas of the system including specific types of information and reports.

Smooth Hand-Off of the Year-End IRS Forms

  • E-filing the 1094-C requires just the push of a button.
  • 1095-C forms can be either emailed to the employees OR snail mailed – that too, requires just a push of a button to either email out directly or hand-off to our fulfillment service that will print and snail mail the forms for a nominal fee.

No Worries about Software Updates

Our ACA solution is in the cloud, so you do not have to worry about installing software updates. Our team automatically updates the software as the regulations and requirements change.

No Internal Experts Required

Our team of ACA subject-matter experts helps you understand the latest IRS guidelines around ACA compliance for employers and how to avoid the penalties for noncompliance. You will have access to our many resources including:

  • Educational and software related material,
  • Help Desk support to answer technical questions and concerns,
  • Knowledge Base site available 24/7,
  • Monthly newsletters and user group lessons with updates on new IRS guidance and interpretations of the law, as well as new features scheduled for the ACA compliance solution.


Year-End ACA Reporting Services

IRS Form 1095-C: Auto-populate, print and email or mail

  • Our solution automatically identifies which employees must receive IRS Form 1095-C and then auto-populates this form. No manual input or editing of data of any individual employee is needed.
  • This form is also populated regardless of which eligibility method (monthly measurement or look-back measurement method) you use.
  • Part III of IRS Form 1095-C is populated for employers who offer self-insured plans.
  • At year-end, you can quickly generate 1095-C forms for your employees and distribute them in printed mail or email form, whichever you choose.

IRS Form 1094-C: Generate, print and electronically file

Whether you need a hard copy of Form 1094-C (the transmittal of Form 1095-C) or an electronic one, the solution generates the file for you.

  • You can e-file directly from within the ACA solution. This is required for any company with 250 or more 1095-C forms.
  • The solution aggregates and processes employee records according to IRS rules for commonly controlled and affiliated groups, providing consolidated reporting or Form 1094-C.

Penalty Risk Management

Continuous monitoring of employee eligibility for coverage

So that you know when to make an offer of coverage, the solution determines and documents – by month and every month – which employees are eligible for health insurance.

Continuous testing for the affordability of coverage offered

To make sure the health plans you offer meet the ACA affordability standards for every eligible employee, the solution calculates each employee’s contributions according to any of the three allowed safe harbors.


Integrity ACA Dynamics SL Edition is a subscription based module with an annual fee. Annual pricing is as follows

Under 100:  $3000

101-250:  $4000

251-500:  $6500

501-1000:  $8000

1001-2000:  $12000


Plumbline Consulting Maintenance Plan

Plumbline Consulting issues a renewable Maintenance Plan with all of our products. Your success depends on your system operating smoothly and efficiently, so it’s essential that you have high quality service. The Maintenance Plan entitles you to the following:

  • Product Updates – Receive access to all releases and updates for your products as they become available.
  • Electronic or Telephone support – Access to our knowledgeable and responsive technical support team for non-user/data related errors.

Product installation, training, data conversion, data correction, customizations and general user questions are not included in the Maintenance Plan and will be billed separately.

Maintenance Plan pricing is based on our current product list price for each module.

The first year is calculated at 19% of the product price and is renewable each year at 17% of the current price at the time of renewal.

Failure to renew your Maintenance Plan will result in cancelation of access to support staff and no upgrades on the product. To reinstate your support plan it will have to be paid in full from the last active date.

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