Period to Post Lock


Lock the Period so users can not post back more than you specify. Only members of special group can post to prior periods.

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Product Description

Lock prior and future periods to prevent posting by users. The functions in this program eliminate changes being made to closed periods after financials are finalized and incorrect date entry to future periods (i.e. the year 2041 instead of 2014). Only users with access rights that are members of a specific group can post to locked periods.

Plumbline Consulting Maintenance Plan

Plumbline Consulting issues a renewable Maintenance Plan with all of our products. Your success depends on your system operating smoothly and efficiently, so it’s essential that you have high quality service. The Maintenance Plan entitles you to the following:

  • Product Updates – Receive access to all releases and updates for your products as they become available.
  • Electronic or Telephone support – Access to our knowledgeable and responsive technical support team for non-user/data related errors.

Product installation, training, data conversion, data correction, customizations and general user questions are not included in the Maintenance Plan and will be billed separately.

Maintenance Plan pricing is based on our current product list price for each module.

The first year is calculated at 19% of the product price and is renewable each year at 17% of the current price at the time of renewal.

Failure to renew your Maintenance Plan will result in cancelation of access to support staff and no upgrades on the product. To reinstate your support plan it will have to be paid in full from the last active date.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact