Plumbline Consulting Loan Management System – Pre-Loan Calculator Feature

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Choose Module | Loan Management System | Utilities | Pre-Loan Calculator.

  • Original Value
    • Enter the Original Value of the loan.
  • Less Deposit  
    • Enter any Deposit amount.
  • Financed Amount
    • Displays the Financed Amount: Original Value entered minus Deposit amount.
  • Terms To Maturity

    • Enter the number of terms to loan maturity.
  • Payment Terms
    • Select the frequency of payments. Available options are: Bi-Weekly, Monthly, None, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Semi-Monthly, Weekly, or Yearly.
  • Interest Rate 
    • Enter the interest rate amount for the loan.
  • Credit Type 
    • Select the credit type. Available options are: Actual Payment, Add-On, Custom, Fixed Principal Repayment, Normal, Schedule or Special Add-On. The calculator cannot be used for End of Term.
  • Interest Type

    • Select the Interest type. Available options are: Daily 360, Daily 365 and Term.

Calculate Button

Click this button to process the information and display the loan payment for the data entered on screen.

  • Payment Amount 
    • This box displays the total Payment Amount per period selected in the Payment Terms field.
  • Print Preview Report
    • Check this selection if you want to preview a report of the criteria entered prior to printing.

Print Button

Click this button to Print the information for your client.