Plumbline Consulting’s Fixed Assets Service Module

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The Fixed Assets Service module is designed to work with the Plumbline Fixed Assets module to track the maintenance schedules, maintenance types and maintenance history for Fixed Assets.  One of the tracking features is Vehicle Mileage.

Service Mileage

Use the Service Mileage Screen to view or enter all Service Mileage information for an Asset.  This data is used in comparison to next service units (i.e. miles) as noted in the service schedules.

  • Batch NumberDisplays the Batch Number after saving.  Setup a Batch for each Asset for tracking Mileage or a group of assets.  The Batch previously saved can be used each time the Units number is updated.  After saving, the Asset Service Schedule Current Units number is updated.

  • Asset ID

Enter or F3 to select the Asset ID

  • Asset Sub Id

Enter the Sub Number associated with Asset ID.

  • Units

Enter the Units. If the option to Add Units to All Sub-Assets is selected in Setup, changing the Units on one sub asset will update the
number on all sub assets.

Service Schedule screen after saving the Service Mileage batch.


Select Service Schedule from the Reports menu. The report produced displays the Asset’s Service Schedule and can be used to determine the Next Service Date based on the parameters used when setting up the Service.