PO Receipt batch has a status of Hold, however, the status field is disabled and the batch can’t be released.

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Many times, this is due to a problem that occurred while the batch was being released and the Purchasing Receipt batch status never got set properly to “Completed”.  How can you find information to support the fact that the batch released but the status just didn’t get updated correctly?

  1. To see if this situation exists, you can use the Purchasing Receipts Quick Query and filter on “Batch Status” = H. Now look at the value in the Batch Released field. Does it show as “1” (which means the receipt released?
  2. Now review the Purchasing Receipt Lines Quick Query and filter on Batch Number. Add your Batch number and also add a Column for Period to Post. When a batch is on hold and not released, the Period to Post value is blank. A released batch should show a Period to Post. Note whether the Period to Post field has a value.
  3. What is the status of the GL Batch? If the batch is truly on Hold, there should not be a GL batch yet. However, if the batch is on hold in error, there should be a GL batch with a status of either U or P. You can use the General Ledger Batches Quick Query to find this. Simply add the column “Original Batch Number” – which is your Purchasing Receipt Batch Number. Optionally move it to the top of the query). You would then change the filter to use “Original Batch Number” and enter your PO Batch Number in the filter. Does it show as Released, Status = “U” or “P”?
  4. If the item should have updated inventory (for example, the items being purchased were Goods for Inventory type), you can use the Inventory Receipts Quick Query to see if the items did update inventory. In this Quick Query, you will use the new Inventory batch number created from this receipt. In the GL Batches Quick Query (above), the Batch Number” column will show you this batch number. Use that batch number as a filter in the Inventory Receipts query to confirm your expected inventory transactions were created and released:
  5. NOTE: Confirm recent SQL backups of your SL databases exist before proceeding.  Once you determine that all of the connected pieces to your batch were created and updated correctly, you can update the poreeipt.status to “C” for completed. The batch has already been released and nothing further should need to be done.