Cash Manager

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    Bank Rec Search and Clear


    Bank Rec Search and Clear adds searching and filtering to the standard SL Bank Rec Module. The product allows you to clear by a range of Reference Numbers, amounts, dates or any combination of these. You can also filter by cash in/out and description. Easily clear groups of transactions and simplify your bank rec process.

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    Cash Import w/ Deposit Slip Entry


    Enter Deposits going to AR, Cash Manager or GL and have a MICR deposit slip printed. All modules are then updated on release. Works with Deposit Slip Entry system to enter credit card receipts and track fees associated with them.

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    Cash Manager Eraser


    Erase any Cash Manager entry without reversing entries! Cash Totals and GL are updated. Cash and GL account balances are recalculated automatically. Erased document information is stored in audit file to provide a complete audit trail.