Professional Services Automation for Dynamics 365

professional services automation dynamics 365

professional services automation dynamics 365


Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s new approach to end-to-end intelligent business applications in the cloud.  One of the benefits is that it provides access to information where and when you need it.

The Professional Services industry is built around a distributed model. Employees don’t sit in an office – they are out in the field working with clients on site, at home, or where ever the project requires. This style of industry is perfectly served by Dynamics 365 since it is available to your employees no matter their location.

Making the right decisions isn’t easy, especially when you are dealing with outdated or incorrect data and information. For decision makers, having insight into real time project information (i.e.: up-to-the-minute time and expense-related project information) is key to making those right decisions. The ability to have real time data sooner rather than later can make a difference between a project being successful or unsuccessful, and more importantly, profitable or unprofitable.

How do you ensure that you have this information?

Project employees can use Dynamics 365 to enter time and expenses easily, wherever they are.  Likewise, Project managers can use Dynamics 365 to access key metrics, when and where they need it.

Project employees are often remote and need to access the solution from a project site, airport, or hotel; not just at their office. Since they are regularly on the go, they need access to a solution on their phones, laptops and tablets. After all, they cannot update project details if they can’t connect easily. Dynamics 365’s easy access leads to more productivity, enabling them to focus more of their time on actual project work and less time working on time and expense entry.

Above all, a Professional Services Automation solution needs to be reliable. Down time and IT staff shortages can be costly, cause delays and dampen morale. By leveraging Dynamics 365, you can remove the need for heavy internal IT structure (including the associated personnel and hardware costs), freeing up your internal resources and your money. Dynamics 365 provides you the secure 24 hour access so highly coveted by every user – wherever they are, every time.

So why choose Progressus?

Progressus Software from Plumbline Consulting is a next-generation professional services automation and ERP software solution built to run on Dynamics 365. Progressus is architected for the cloud and is completely mobile-enable – much needed for your employees off-site. As a Dynamics 365-based solution, Progressus is rapidly deployed leading to a faster time to value.

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