Progressus Software Officially Submitted to Microsoft AppSource for Approval

Progressus Software will be the largest app to be published on Microsoft AppSource.

Progressus Software today announced that their Dynamics 365 for Financials application (App) has been officially submitted for publication on Microsoft AppSource. Progressus Software will soon be available on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials as a comprehensive professional services automation solution.

Progressus Software is a next-generation professional services automation (PSA) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, which is mobile-enabled and architected for the intelligent cloud. The software solution adds advanced accounting and project management capabilities to the financial management and basic project management functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The submission of Progressus Software to Microsoft’s AppSource development team marks an important milestone for the Progressus Software team and Microsoft AppSource. Progressus Software will be the largest app available to date, containing over 800 code parts, to be approved for Microsoft AppSource.

“The Progressus Software team has been hard at work for the last several months to reach this point,” said Joseph Longo, President of Progressus Software. “We have worked hand-in-hand with Microsoft AppSource’s development team to ensure an app of this magnitude has the opportunity to pass through the approval process with no hiccups.”

Microsoft AppSource is an online marketplace for Microsoft business solution users to browse and purchase apps to extend their solutions’ functionality. AppSource is populated with both Microsoft and partner apps that all must go through a stringent approval process. The launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365 increases the importance of AppSource since Microsoft Dynamics 365 is based on the interoperability of different applications.

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