Shortcuts to make your path through Dynamics SL faster and easier.

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You know how you look for shortcuts when you know there is road construction up ahead on your favorite route to work? That shortcut can save you a bunch of time and keep you moving towards your destination, rather than sitting bogged down in traffic. In this article, we will show you some function keys and shortcuts that will make your “Dynamics SL” commute a lot quicker and easier too!

Here are several “short cut” keys you can use in Dynamics SL to quickly complete common functions. (More information on Function Keys and Keyboard shortcuts can be found in the Dynamics SL Quick Reference Guide in your User Guides):

Function Key What you can use it for:
F1 To Access Dynamics SL Help
F2 Too open Relative Date (98.240.00) when the cursor is in a date field or Relative Period (98.250.00) when the cursor is in a period field
F3 To look up possible values for a field
F4 To switch between form and grid view (in Customization mode opens the property window)
F5 To clear a field in form view or clear a date
F6 To start Insert Object Wizard in standard screen customization
F7 To set a date field to today’s date
F9 To enter and display notes


Each of the actions can be done without the use of these special function keys. For example, you can open Dynamics SL Help without the F1 key, by simply using the Help icon , or the date can be selected by using the dropdown arrow and choosing a data from the calendar, rather than using F2.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation. Keyboard shortcuts combine the ALT key with another key to take you to an area of a screen or to open a menu.

Keyboard Shortcut What you would use it for:
CTRL+[click in each field) Use to clear multiple data fields, you can press and hold CTRL while clicking each data field you wish to clear.   Use Actions menu, click Clear Selection
CTRL + C To copy a data item
CTRL + X To cut a data item
CTRL + V To paste a data item
CTRL + Z To undo a paste operation
CTRL+F To save data and clear the screen
CTRL + S To save data and keep it on the screen
CTRL + N To clear the screen and enter a new record
CTRL + E To export data in a grid to Excel
CTRL + D To delete a data record
ALT + CTRL + C Launches Customization Mode in a screen
ALT + F4 Closes the active screen
TAB Go to next field
SHIFT + TAB Go to the previous field
RIGHT ARROW To move right one character in a field
LEFT ARROW To move left one character in a field
HOME Go to the beginning of a field
END Go to the end of a field
PAGE DOWN Go to the next record or batch
PAGE UP Go to the previous record or batch
CTRL + HOME Go to the first record
CTRL + END Go to the last record
CTRL _ TAB Go to the next screen tab
SHIFT_CTRL+TAB Go to the previous screen tab
ALT + TAB Go to Windows Taskbar or Quick Launch bar
Shift + F3 “Super PV”. Some screens will display additional columns if you open the PV in “Super PV” mode, by using Shift+F3. For example, the GL Account History screen will display Account, Distribution and Type when using F3. However, if using Shift+F3, this same screen will display additional columns: SubAccount, Ledger ID and Fiscal Year, while not displaying Description and Type.