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Crystal Reports and Case-Sensitivity of Database Records

Sometimes, Crystal Reports developers are asking themselves a question: “Is the records’ register taken into consideration?” In other words, if a user requests records with a value of “USA” in the country field, whether the system returns records where country field contains characters in mixed case, for example, “Usa”? A register is generally not taken […]

SL Crystal Report – Error in formula Record Selection

How to enable the Options tab in the Report Options Interpreter (ROI) screen for a custom report in Microsoft Dynamics SL. To do this, follow these steps: a. On the Utility menu, click Report Control Maintenance . b. In the Report Number box, type the report number that you want to modify, and then click […]

Tables are missing in Crystal Database Expert

When you select Database Expert for either selecting new tables or for connecting your Crystal report to the correct ODBC, you expand the database and cannot see any tables. 1. Right-click the database in Database Expert 2. Choose options 3. Uncheck all boxes except Tables 4. Close the menu 5. Again, right-click the database 6. […]