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Inventory Transfer Batch Suspends With Event Log – Transfer Document Not Found

The 2nd step of a 2-step transfer batch suspends with the message “The Transfer Document for batch ‘XXXXXX’ and Company ID ‘YY’ was not found”. Note that if you try to receive a transfer that is already saved in another unreleased batch, you will receive an error message: “Transfer Document ‘XXXXXX’ has already been used […]

When attempting to copy allocations from one period to the next in the Period Allocation Entry (FA.070.00) screen, the values for the debit and credit are not being inserted. Why?

1.  Depreciation has not been run for the period you are copying to.  The total depreciation amount for the period must exist in order for the amounts to be calculated based on the percentages entered for each break down. 2.  The copy process has already been run for the period you are copying too. If […]

eBanking ‘Pay By’ Field Not Appearing in AP Voucher & Adjustment Entry Screen

When eBanking is installed a ‘Pay By’ field displays in the AP Voucher & Adjustment Entry screen.  In some instances, where the Voucher & Adjustment Entry screen has other non-eBanking customizations on it, the existing screen customizations may interfere with those added by eBanking causing the field to not appear on the screen. Note: Confirm […]

PO Receipt batch has a status of Hold, however, the status field is disabled and the batch can’t be released.

Many times, this is due to a problem that occurred while the batch was being released and the Purchasing Receipt batch status never got set properly to “Completed”.  How can you find information to support the fact that the batch released but the status just didn’t get updated correctly? To see if this situation exists, […]

System Message 12129 ‘Selection is invalid since Multi-Company is not enabled’ entering a project ID into an SL screen

When entering a voucher or an invoice for a project you receive “System Message 12129 ‘Selection is invalid since Multi-Company is not enabled’” after you tab off the project, but the project has a company ID the same as the company you are entering it for. Go into Project Maintenance | Tasks tab and enter at […]

Quick Print Report Format in SL Manual Check Entry

The ability to use a different report format when printing a Quick Check in the SL Manual Check/Payment Entry screen is controlled within the Report Control Maintenance screen. Select Access Administration | Report Control Maintenance and enter report number 03.62Q. Change the report file name for the Laser Check Form to the desired report format you […]