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Unable to Void Dynamics SL AP Check

Receiving error message ‘Check Status is Not Outstanding’ when trying to void an AP check that still shows outstanding? If this occurs always check for unreleased batches in the Void Check Entry screen and ensure there is not a batch already created that has that check in it. If the check is already included in […]

How to Reset Microsoft Dynamics SL Business Portal Internet Explorer

There have been various issues in Microsoft Dynamics SL Business Portal; pages not rendering correctly, time entry not saving, general issues that are machine-specific, and so on. The solution is the recently revised IE settings for Business Portal. Follow these steps to resolve the Dynamics SL Business Portal issues in IE: 1. Add the site to […]

Microsoft Dynamics SL: PC Message Number 1780 Error When Opening the Project Transaction Transfer Screen

When you try to open the Project Transaction Transfer (PA.PTT.00) screen in Microsoft Dynamics SL, you receive the following error: PC Message Number 1780 – This application is currently in use by ‘%s’. The Project Transaction Transfer Control Parameter Maintenance record exists because the screen previously closing abnormally. The Control Parameter is used to prevent […]

Microsoft Dynamics SL Screen/Report Searching

Occasionally I find myself recalling the name of a specific screen and being unsure where that screen may be located on a certain menu. When this happens, I use the Microsoft Dynamics SL Search option. This is located at the top on the right side of the Dynamics SL Menu bar. A helpful tip – […]

Fixing Script Errors in Microsoft Dynamics SL

Are you experiencing sporadic error pops up in Dynamics SL (when switching companies, for example) that say “Script Error.” To fix this issue, follow the steps below. Compatibility Settings: In Internet Explorer, Go to Tools- Compatibility View Settings Add microsoft.com Add dynamics.com Trusted Sites: In Internet Explorer, Go to Tools-Internet Options Select the Security tab […]

Adding Favorites to your Dynamics SL Menu

To add a Microsoft Dynamics SL Screen to your Favorite’s Menu, simply right click on the screen in the SL Menu and select the option to Add Screen to Favorites. This allows you to customize your list according to the screens you are most often in, making it more convenient when working. The Home screen […]

Inventory Transfer Batch Suspends With Event Log – Transfer Document Not Found

The 2nd step of a 2-step transfer batch suspends with the message “The Transfer Document for batch ‘XXXXXX’ and Company ID ‘YY’ was not found”. Note that if you try to receive a transfer that is already saved in another unreleased batch, you will receive an error message: “Transfer Document ‘XXXXXX’ has already been used […]