What is Progressus?

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progressus software

Progressus (Latin) – moving forward; advanced.

An object at rest stays at rest. An object in motion stays in motion. Basic science.

Q: How is an object at rest put into motion?
A: Force.

Q: What happens when multiple objects or forces traveling in the same direction come together?
A: A greater force is born.

That greater force is Progressus.

Progressus Software is a next-generation Professional Services Automation and ERP software, mobile-enabled and architected for the intelligent cloud, developed by Plumbline Consulting.

How was Progressus born?

Well, it starts with Plumbline Consulting…

For more than two decades, Plumbline has been the leader in developing solutions for Professional Services and project-based businesses on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Plumbline has a longstanding reputation as having a team of Dynamics experts, especially in relation to developing software for professional services firms. We pride ourselves on always looking forward by trying to create solutions that address organizations’ needs before they know they have them. Nevertheless, this reputation led to an extensive relationship with Microsoft.

Microsoft Relationship

Through our relationship and continued discussions with Microsoft, we became aware of the future direction of Microsoft Dynamics. The planning and architecting a true cloud solution, now known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 had begun. Plumbline’s knowledge and history of building solutions in the professional services industry would help ensure that the small-to-medium business market had a  solution that could address all the needs of the professional services and project-based business industry.

Our Process

So, we hit the drawing board. Just like any development process, questions arose. Yet, leveraging deep industry knowledge and the experience of working with thousands of customers, we were able to answer these questions with an innovative solution. Knowing the features available in other Dynamics solutions, we began working on Progressus Software to provide a cloud-based solution that included the core project features needed by so many firms. We believe that Progressus Software is the premier solution for professional services firms and project-based businesses on the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Moving Forward

As any successful professional services firm knows, change is constant. Customers’ needs change minute to minute. Trying to satisfy those needs as a professional services firm is challenging if your ERP solution is stagnant.

At Plumbline Consulting, our goal is to continue to enhance Progressus Software by adding the features Dynamics users are accustomed to having in other Dynamics solutions and that address changing customer needs.

We have just scratched the surface, there is more to come.

Interested in learning more about Progressus Software and its Microsoft Dynamics application? Visit www.progressussoftware.com.

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