What tables are involved with Lot #’s in Inventory?

plumbline consulting

Provided is a list of the database tables used by various modules when lot/serial numbering is used:

1. Lot numbers can be assigned at Receipt or Issue.

2. Quantities for lots are held in LotSerMst (what you see in Lot/Ser screen), Location (what you see in Location screen).

3. LOTSERT table ties lot numbers to batches. They have ties to INTRAN by BatNbr and LineRef. They are released when the INTRAN is released. They are created when the batch is created (Receipt batch if “Issue on Receipt”).

4. SOSSHIPLOT is where lot# information is stored for Sales Orders.

5. INTRAN and LOTSERT are bound by BatNbr, CpnyID, Site, TranType, INTRAN.LineRef=LOTSERT.INTranLineRef, INTRAN.LineID=LOTSERT.INTranLineID.