When attempting to copy allocations from one period to the next in the Period Allocation Entry (FA.070.00) screen, the values for the debit and credit are not being inserted. Why?

plumbline consulting

1.  Depreciation has not been run for the period you are copying to.  The total depreciation amount for the period must exist in order for the amounts to be calculated based on the percentages entered for each break down.

2.  The copy process has already been run for the period you are copying too. If the situation where the copy process was run prior to depreciation being completed, records are inserted into the PSSFAAllocDet table for the period with 0 dollar amounts.  When this happens the records cannot be copied a second time.  The original, incorrect records will need to be deleted from the PSSFAAllocDet table with SQL and the copy process run again.  Please contact our support team for assistance with this.