When printing either the 4562 or 4797 tax forms in Fixed Assets for Dynamics SL, you notice the reports print blank.

There are two primary reasons why these reports would print blank.

1. First, you need to be sure that the Depreciation Forms screen is up to date with the Ending date value.  Open this screen as seen below, pick the first form number, the book code you want to print tax forms for and enter 2012 in the year field.  This will load the grid.  Change the End Year value to the current year for the first line, then copy that value and post to the remaining lines.  When you are one save your changes and go to another form or book and do the same steps.
Microsoft Dynamics SL

2. The other key to getting data to populate on the Tax Forms is to make sure the Depr Class value is populated on all of your assets that you wish to track.  This field is the main mechanism the reports use to pull data, and depending on what value you choose here determines where the depreciation amount shows up on the reports.  Ie…Choosing listed or listed property puts the asset under the listed section of the report, etc.
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