Change Tracking for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Product Name: Change Tracking for Dynamics 365 Business Central
Works with: Dynamics 365 Business Central
Purchase Price: Basic Access up to 25 Active Table Setup records $360 per year
Purchase Price: Advanced Access to unlimited Active Table Setup records $600 per year

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Product Summary

The Change Tracking app allows you to see the full story of your data by understanding what changed, who made changes, and when.  This could be an unexpected change in a SKU item price, a modification to shipping address just prior to delivery or the surprise deletion of a sales order!

Key Features

Detail in your data changes as quickly as your business! The Change Tracking app holds everyone accountable and provides more transparency so that your team can get the answers and context they need faster.

  • Record Details: easily understand who made specific edits to any field on any record
  • Record Relation: create and compare relationships between any record and its source record
  • Condition Table Filter: verify that all filters match the record under given conditions
  • History Records: see all instances of a record that’s been changed or batched
  • Change Button Search: open a report to search for changes in a record in the selected table based on the primary key
  • Batch Update Records: select and update certain active records OR choose to update all active records


  1. Setup can be done in minutes
  2. Available for all Business Central Versions
  3. Install directly from the Microsoft AppSource
  4. License Assisted Setup walks through the process step-by-step

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